Beginning in 2002-2003 with an area of 55 acres of corn, with a ford 1992 truck as medium of transport, a John Deere 6415 tractor with a single trace of 26 discs, a seeding equipment and a 4-furrow monosem planter getting final performance of 12 tons per acre. with a company with 2 employees.

Continuing the next cycle (2003/2004) and considering the seeding dates for best performance by a farmer’s experience of the region comprising the Ejidos la Higuerita, Culiacancito and el pinole where the land is located, planting an area of 160 acres of corn and achieved an average of11 tons per acre.

In the same year (2004) with an area of 180 acres in total planting an area of 20 acres of chickpeas and getting a yield of 2.800 kilos per acre, 10 acres of beans with a yield of 3 tons per acre and the rest of the area with remaining with corn crop yield per acre 11.300.

In the same year the company called “Agricola Jama, S.A de C.V”, formed by a group of 5 members. Increase the machinery, equipment, personnel work, as well as the area of seeding and so on. We currently produce: corn, beans, chickpeas, sorghum, tomato and bell pepper.

Starting in the 2010/2011 cycle with a branch in the State of Baja California Sur, located at the “Todos los Santos” road km. 2 in el Valle del Carrizal, which has an area of 11 acres of which 5 are with shade and the others with an open field producing bell peper.